There is something new brewing at 32/4 Old Ballygunge First lane (off Bondel Road). The fine dining address “Bohemian” is already an established name. But any popular place is always looking to offer something new, something fresh,some surprises. Chef Joymalya Banerjee has recently introduced Boho Hours when guests can step in between 4pm and 7pm and enjoy a delectable and innovative selection of unique Bohemian style cocktails along with some quick bites made especially for these hours at reduced prices.Earlier Bohemian was open only during lunch (from 12:30pm-3:30pm) and dinner (7pm-Midnight). By keeping the prices very reasonable Chef intends to encourage more guests to enjoy the Boho experience.

The Boho Hours has 25 appetisers, four Alcoholic Ice Creams, Five Desserts and a delectable choice of cocktails. Special mention must be given to cocktails like Kolkata Biryani, Sunrise at Sunderbans, Gondhoraj Martini to name a few and appetizers Potato Medallions with Tamarind Chickpeas, Cottage Cheese and Burnt Tomato Mousse on Papri, Creamed Cheese and Pickled Chilli Wraps, Wax Gourd Phuchka with Spicy Honey Lemon Water, Nolengur Glazed Pork Bellyonpapri to name a few are a must try. 

Pocket pinch per person is approximately Rs.300 (Excluding taxes).