Kichu Na Bola Kotha ventures into a tale of Love, Friendship, Emotion and mostly the incompleteness within ourselves. It portrays four stories of different people from different backgrounds interconnected by the same thread i.e love.

The first story features Ishani (Saayoni Ghosh) and Surjo(Suvajit Kar) who revisit their past love after many years.

The second story describes a meeting between a writer (Sreelekha Mitra) and her fan (Dristi Mondal) as the former understands the basic meaning of life from her idol.

The third story features an unusual love story between two broken people, Rosy (Pujarini Ghosh) and Ronit (Rezwan Rabbani Sheikh), as they try to hold onto each other to mend their life.

The final story describes a tale between two best friends ,Anuvab (Arjun Chakraborty) and Anamika (Mishmee Das), as they rediscover their feelings. Kichu na bola Kotha tries to portray that irrespective of age, background etc, everyone strives for one common factor, true love.