Coronavirus outbreak has left us fending for ourselves, making us realize nothing is more important than your safety. We're trying to make ourselves happy with whatever means we have access too. But, there's one particular thing which makes us happy only with company.  Brainstorming, on what I meant by this? 

Well, during the unprecedented times keeping in mind about social distancing. For those who don't stay with their partners, when it comes to sex, the only means happen to be sex toys cause vegetables shouldn't be a thing not even in your wildest dreams. 

Couples who are far away from their partners have literally decided to take pleasure in their own hands. Cause, why not, aren't we supposed to be aatma nirbhar?

As per reports, the sale of sex toys has seen a hike of 65 per cent post lockdown, seems like Indian citizens are strictly following the 'stay safe and stay home' norm. 

An Insightful Analysis of Sex Products Trends showed lockdown was beneficial for the sexual product market. According to, Thatspersonal, 64% customer were male from cities like Panipat, Shillong, Imphal, Bhatinda, Haridwar, Panaji, Puducherry, Tezpur and Rourkela. They further reported, women purchased more sex toys than men during the lockdown.