Underground metro is one of the big attractions in Kolkata. For outsiders it is a fun ride. But for daily goers is it that attractive? There are some basic traits every metro goer comes across daily.

  1. From DumDum the passengers get into the train, pushing each others, to win a trophy. And the trophy is metro seats.


2. Music is the best way to heal your stress. But if the music is not of your choice, it can torture you. Imagine a person, next to you, listening to ‘Chikni Chameli’, and the volume of his/her headphone is louder than your Para mike. Protect your ear.


3. Among all these hustle you will get to see some studious and intellectual people going through their favourite novels. Kudos to the level of their concentration.


4. If a beautiful chick gets into the metro the passengers suddenly pause themselves. Never ending sound of blabbering stops in a blink of eyes. Oh the girl is in the spotlight.


5. Cheesy couple is a must have trait of Kolkata metro. They just forget that all eyes are on them. But they just keep on looking at each others’ eyes. Yeah Romeo and Juliet still exist.


6. In summer you will definitely come across some stinky hanging underarms which makes the journey reallly unpleasant and you know what I mean!


7. Music is the best thing that you can count on while travelling in the metro, just close your eyes and ignore the shit, that's what a lot of people do.


You can tell us about what we missed in the comments section, do share your thoughts.