DP has become one of the most essential things in our lives. A nice Display Picture can increase your friend request list in a while and a bad picture can hamper you in building your image in social media which is highly important nowadays.  The number of photographers has increased in a blink of eyes in last few years. Some are totally into photography, some communicate through pictures. Instagram and Snapchat have elevated the propensity of Photo blogging and photo chatting. Being clicked, while travelling, has become as important as booking hotels. Bongs are born travellers and social media has made this trait of Bongs more prominent. Whenever they feel like filling their camera up with good snaps, they plan for a trip. But it is not possible to pull up the socks and get out of the house with a bag pack due to the busy schedule. Besides this is a wedding season and we know pre wedding shoot has become a ritual before marriage. So below are some photography destinations in our very own Kolkata.

  1. Eco Park: If you are a very colourful and vibrant person then Eco Park is your place. A beautiful lake, well maintained trees, cycling, boating, can get you some good photographs. Basically the vast greenery is the attraction here.

  2. Prinsep Ghat: Prinsep Ghat was built in the British Era. If you are a history lover and photographer together then this place belongs to you. A photographer can portray the ancient history with the hint of clean white nicely decorated beauty of this place in a frame. Moreover there is a garden beside, where green also dominate the frame.

  3. Kumartuli: This is the best place for both amateur and veteran photographers. The best time to photograph the facets of this place is before Durga Puja. The making of an idol, the busy livelihood of the artisans here, the first touch of colour on the clayed Goddess, the first stroke of the brush to draw her eyes and many more are the attractions for which photographers mark this place with special tick. A Photographer is not a photographer until he/she brings out the best out of it.

  4. Parkstreet Cemetery: If your photographs love being vintage and classy simultaneously, then Parkstreet cemetery is the best place. To play with subtle colours photographers keep this place on top the list of photography destination. The mossy graveyards make the photos look mysterious. But before entering here with your camera get your permission application approved.

  5. Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary: if you want to feed your camera with some wildlife frames, sitting in Kolkata, you must visit Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary. Only some hints of the Sun peep through the trees. To play with the colours this tree shaded sanctuary can be put in the list of Photography destination.

  6. Bagbazar Ghat: To click the serenity of the sacred Ganges Photographers step into Bagbazar Gaht. The ambience keeps on changing time to time. In the morning the place witnesses the livelihood of fishermen. At night the place looks gorgeous. At night, from the riverside, the small boats which are brightened by shabby hurricanes look amazing. To capture such a frame at a moonlight night is every photographer’s desire.

  7. Howrah Flower market: If you are a core photographer by heart and just showcasing the photographs on Facebook is not your aim then you should visit Howrah Flower market. The livelihood of the people and the bright colours of the flowers would justice with your camera.

  8. College Street: To showcase the actual essence of Kolkata every photographer should visit this place. This place is intellectual, traditional and vibrant all together with Tram lines, hand pulled rikshaw and book shops.



You can tell us about what we missed in the comments section, do share your thoughts.