8 things Bongs cannot stay without in winter

8 things bongs/ bengalis cannot stay without in winter

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The most awaited season winter is here. In winter people’s best friends are party, picnic, and cakes. But Bongs always go OTT. They maintain their hatke nature in winter also. They are incomplete without following things:

  1. Boroline- face cream, lip balm, body lotion – Boroline is the three in one solution for Bengalies.

  2. Nolen gurer sondesh: Winter has come! Bengalies’ sweet teeth get indulged by Nolen Gurer Sndesh.

  3. Moshari (Mosquito net): Chuck mosquito killing chemicals. The most trust worthy friend of a Bong at a winter night is mosquito net.

  4. Monkey cap: “A monkey cap is the most powerful thing to prevent cold in winter”, bongs think. Every morning we get to see kids wearing monkey caps.

  5. Hot water bag: The senior citizens suffering from arthritis cannot do anything without a hot water bag.

  6. Shawl: Bongs are in vogue if they are covered with a shawl. Remember detective Felu Da and Byomkesh Bakshi. 

  7. shorsher tel (Mustard oil): Dry skin? Cold and cough? Arthritis? Shorser tel is the only remedy. 

  8. Kettle: Dont you have a water heater in your bathroom? Do not worry. Buy a kettle, the best water heater. 


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