Life is uncertain, we think we have planned our next move. Well, we haven’t, wondering why? Because each one of us is worried about the execution and outcome. Having said that, only one thing helps us march forward is ‘HOPE’. A small word engraved with the potency to make people walk through the odd. 

Especially in trying times like this, hope and faith have given us the courage to fight with COVID-19 more than ever. 

You hope to be happy, we HOPE to make you happy. These 7 pictures will prove HOPE won’t hurt you:

1. Even a newborn baby wants to live in a world free of masks. GO CORONA GO!

2. A viral video made netizens rallied to help the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba and many others whose lives were affected because of the pandemic.


3. A baby boy was delivered in a flight from Delhi to Bangalore.

4. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib decided to turn into the cheapest medical centre for the people in need.

5. Hyundai showroom adopted a stray dog and also made him the ‘best' salesperson in the showroom.

6. Indian Army resuscitated the damaged grave of a Pakistani officer in J&K.