The only good thing about the lockdown was beautiful skies and pollution-free world. During the months of lockdown, the air was way more breathable than ever at least in the cities. But as we say, good things don't last long. 

Speaking of which, Kolkata's air quality has hit the worst since the first time after March. As per the reports of TOI, Kolkata's air quality index breached the 200-mark — entering the 'poor' zone making the air dangerous to breathe. 

The bad air quality has raised a concern about a spike in the number of patients with respiratory disease amidst the pandemic. Doctors have cautioned people with lung disease, heart disease, asthma are more vulnerable to breathing problems as the air quality worsens in Kolkata during winters. 

According to a study, long term exposure to air pollution can lead to a spike in COVID-19 death rates. Air pollution is linked to 15% of COVID-19 deaths globally. It's extremely, important to look out to curb as much about air pollution as we can. 

OUR AIR IS DANGEROUS, WE CAN'T BE BREATHLESS. MASK UP, it's highly important in the trying times.