The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, which began from Wuhan, China in December took over the world and emerged as a global pandemic. Scientists and doctors are in the race to develop a vaccine or drug across the globe. However, still there is no vaccine to destroy the deadly virus.  

As the world is back to being normal, adapting with the new normal, students are waiting to get back to school, youngsters are back chilling in the malls. In certain parts of the globe school, colleges, theatres & malls have been reopened. 

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the new normal has bombarded us with a lot of do’s & don’t to protect ourselves safe from Novel Coronavirus. At times it becomes hard to even remember all the do’s and don’t until our fear hits us during our daily dose of COVID-19 conversation.  

Healthcare experts have stepped up to help us remember the do’s and don’t with a new cool acronym, of Men and Women. Well, it gave birth to hilarious memes on twitter which is going to crack you up! 

According to healthcare experts,  one should avoid touching MEN — Mouth, Eyes and Nose, to stop the spread of incurable COVID-19, and follow WOMEN to prevent COVID-19. W- Wash your hands with soap, O- Obey directives, M- Move away from crowded places, E- Exercise regularly, N- Never ignore warning signals.

Recently, a picture of new COVID-19 rules went viral on social media creating a laughing riot. The phrase reads, “Avoid Men, Follow Women Instead” and each letter of the words Men and Women stand for an instruction.

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