Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the whole world. Coronavirus outbreak is spreading vigorously till date the total confirmed number of cases globally stands at 8.06M and 440K have died. In India, the number of positive COVID-19 cases rose to 367K and 12,237 people have lost their lives to the deadly virus and 194K have recovered. 

Our neighbouring country, Pakistan has registered 160K Coronavirus cases and 3,093 deaths since the government uplifted the lockdown in the second week of May. Imran Khan's government was not successful in imposing the lockdown and they're still understanding the COVID-19 situation as the medical facilities are in a very poor state in the county. 

Recently, a video of a Pakistani leader Fazal-ur-Rehman made an hilarious statement regarding Coronavirus, he said, when we sleep, the virus also sleeps. Hence, the more we sleep, the virus will sleep and it won’t be to able to affect us.

He further added, that when we die, the virus will also die with us. 

Over the past few months, people are expressing their weird and complex ideologies regarding Coronavirus. Netizens were amazed that this has been said by a man who was a member of the Pakistan National Assembly for almost 20 years. Twitteratis are left wondering, how can a virus sleep when we sleep? 

Here are some of the hilarious reactions: