On 2nd September, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology again banned 118 mobile applications along with PUBG for violating nation's "sovereignty and security" in the wake of fresh tensions between India and China at the border. 

PUBG ban is already causing a ruckus on Twitter and the PUBG mobile players are disheartened. As their favourite multiplayer mobile game is officially banned, although PUBG pc version is yet to be banned. Millennials and PUBG soldiers are really struggling to adapt to the new norma without their favourite companion PUBG. However, PUBG players are supporting the decision because of the raging problems at the LAC

Players Battelground Unknown soldiers don't be cheer up! You don't have to say Alvida to your favourite. PUBG Corp India released a statement and revealed, because of the whole situation and is actively looking into the entire issue revolving the ban. It has confirmed that PUBG Mobile will no longer be associated with Tencent Games which had 1.5% stake in it and PUBC Corp will take over the publishing responsibilities.

It means that the original South Korea-based gaming company is taking over the responsibilities, and the ban can be lifted in the country soon. Tencent had reportedly lost $34 billion in terms of market value, just a day after the ban on 118 Chinese apps in India.