Valentine’s Day is just 4 days away and millennials are already celebrating the valentines week, which includes some bizarre days starting with rose day, propose day,  chocolate day, teddy day and the list goes on. As the ‘quchi - quo’ couples are planning different creative ways to impress their beloved on Valentines day.

What is today? Well, for us, it’s just another Monday, but for the lovers across India it’s Teddy day. Aashiq millennials are celebrating Teddy Bear day at amusement parks, gardens or anywhere under the blue sky. But, you know what hurts everyone is not celebrating Teddy Bear Day cause they don’t have their bae. Singles, memers are in charge of taking a dig at the over hyped Valentines day. 

Desi Twitteratis flood Twitter with hilarious memes which are going to crack you up. Check out 10 Funny AF memes: