The World Health Organization (WHO) said the United States of America may become the next home of Coronavirus pandemic. As many as 54,914 people are tested positive and 784 people have already lost their lives to the deadly virus. Only 379 people have recovered by far, as per the reports Worldometer.

As per the reports of Indiatimes, more than 10,000 people were tested positive in a day and 160 people lost their lives till Monday night.

President Donald Trump has signed a new order, which reads their government will take strict actions if excessive pricing is imposed on vital medical and personal protective equipment be it sanitizers, masks, hand wash etc.

President Trump said while addressing the media, we’ll not allow anyone to take advantage of America’s crisis for their own advantage. He said, that the Justice Department will aggressively prosecute fraudulent schemes related to the pandemic that has killed more than 15,000 people worldwide.

Recently, Trump declared the country will be reopening the country for business. But, the number of COVID-19 cases rising so rapidly needs to be the utmost concern right now.

The novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic have spread across 190 countries. As many as 3,70,000 people are tested positive and the death toll has crossed the 16,000 mark already. The outbreak has affected the global economy and stock market.