Residents of Calcutta lashed at the private power supply company Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC) CESC for sending exorbitant bills to the people for the month of June.

Many people have taken to the streets to raise their voice against the inflated bills. Social media was ablaze with CESC customers bashing the power utility company for sending sky-high bills, claiming as the dues of April and May.

After several protests on and off the streets since last 1 week. Even celebrities from the Bengali film industry expressed their anger on social handles. West Bengal power minister Sovandeb Chattopadhyay had to intervene after being flooded with complaints about the 'inflated' bills. Sovandeb even asked CESC to justify the lumpsum electricity charges.

After receiving flak from their consumers, on Sunday CESC has announced it'll not charge consumers dues of April and May in the current month's bill and has relaxed the norms.

The power utility company further said, we have decided to put the bill amounts for the month of April and May on hold with low voltage usage. Hence, customers need to pay only for the month of June.

West Bengal power minister Sovandeb Chattopadhyay on Monday assured the citizens of Kolkata there will be no discontinuation of power supply till CESC issues a new bill based on electricity usage and a due date.

It's a relief for the common man, Chattopadhyay further said.

On the other hand, TMC MP Abhisekh Banerjee shared the information and said, "CESC announces relief to 25.5 lakh consumers out of total 33 lakh consumers in Kolkata."