Today, India witnessed a 'Ring of Fire' when the moon gets between the Earth and the Sun, and it completely covers it, resulting in a 'total solar eclipse'. The eclipse then casts a shadow over Earth making it appear dark, even during daytime.

An 'Annual solar Eclipse' happens when the moon is far away from Earth. Hence it seems smaller because of its distance from Earth, the entire view of the sun isn't blocked. People wait to get a glance of this magnificent view.

Here's some scientific facts why looking at the solar eclipse is harmful. Most of the beliefs are based on the harmful radiations emitted in the universe during a total solar eclipse.

Have a look:

  • Total solar eclipses produce harmful rays that can cause blindness.
  • The solar eclipse is dangerous because the sun’s rays’ outputs more power than our eyes can handle and this can lead to damage to the back part of the eye, the retina. The sunlight has ultraviolet rays UV A, B and C of which B and C are absorbed by the cornea (front part of the eye) and lens. UVA rays can damage the retina and potentially lead to blindness.
  • If you are pregnant you should not watch an eclipse because it can harm your baby.
  • Children's should watch it on Television cause electromagnetic radiation from the corona, seen as light, is perfectly safe, there is another form of radiation that travels to Earth from the sun which's harmful.