Walk down the wine aisle all you Wine enthusiasts, smash the grapes to enjoy the grapevine. The Vedic Village Spa Resort is all set to bring to you an unparallel experience of grape stomping on the 18th of February 2018 from 11 am to 4 pm.

Sway with the rhythm of wine  and groove a little to the tunes of live band and Dj. The mouth watering  delicacies in the menu will make your stomping experience even better. The Sunday brunch menu will include smoked salmon tartar and chives tart, mock chicken stuffed ravioli & tomato relish, pork rillettes, smoked ham and olive skewers, chicken salami-julienned greens & cream- chilli-mayonnaise with fried chicken & mango sabayon to name a few. There will be boozy brownie, wine poached pear basbousa lemon curd, zucchini walnut cake, chocolate sugarcane & red wine mojito and many other desserts for the crowd to indulge in. Although the wine, cheese and cigar bars will be stealing the show.

So if you are a wine enthusiast and want to excavate more about your favourite drink, your date is fixed this Sunday. Wine a bit and you will feel better.