Kolkata, January 3: Bengal is the land of "Tero Parbon". People are not only passionate about their culture but are also involved with their festivals like none other. It is to give this desire a fillip, that Big Bazaar today launched "Poush Parbon" to celebrate the sweet tooth of Bengalis in the state, Agartala and Silchar.

In its continued and sustained effort to establish the cultural connect with the community Big Bazaar celebrated the love of Pithe Puli Payesh and other sweet dishes of Bengal in winter with the launch of this festival.

All Big Bazaar stores across the three zones converted into a veritable Bengali kitchen with the widest collection of some of the coolest stuff to warm the winter nights. Big Bazaar have put up a lip smacking display of jaggery--khejur, patali, narkel, jhola besides packets of narkel, gur,  tiler-narurs along with joynagar-er moa that make up for the core ingredients of Poush Parbon. 

The festival not only dedicates itself to the free spirit of Bengal, but also the passion with which it follows its cultural identity with festivals that mark their individuality. If Bengal is the sweetest spot of India than Poush Parbon is undoubtedly its honeycomb ornated with baul music and some of the finest collection of cooking ingredients. 

The big idea in the festival is to use oats, with its brand Kosh, along with other staple ingredients to make the 'pithe-puli' tastier and healthier than before. Oats are considered to be one of the most nutritious elements that make our food palette. Being gluten free it helps in reducing blood pressure and control heart disease. It is also rich in anti-oxidants that aid in weight loss. But more importantly when mixed with rice paste or flour it blends in perfectly and creates a richer fibre for the traditional sweet delicacies we enjoy in winter.

The poush parbon will be celebrated in Bengal, Agartala and Silchar in all the Big Bazaar stores. The festival was launched by none other than Mir in accompaniment of Surma Dohar as they enthralled the gathering with their craft feasting from the wide spread of sweet delicacies.