Luxury boutique hotel Aauris, located at 4, Robinson St, has launched a deliciously unique festival called “3C – Chocolate, Cheese and Coffee” at its well-known patisserie, Scarlet. The three staple favourites of all foodies will find expression in an innovative dessert menu that Executive Chef Sujit Mondal has prepared keeping in mind today’s experimental audience ready to try new combinations.

Talking about his inspiration, Chef Mondal says, “We all love chocolate, cheese and coffee. Think of anything sinfully indulgent and you will think of chocolate and cheese. I wanted to play with these ingredients and create something refreshing yet great to taste that would make everyone go wow.  The focus of Scarlet at the moment is all about delivering the most elevated valuable patisserie experience to the guests.”

With ideation, passion and implementation in perfect balance, Chef Mondal blends subtle flavours and richness of the ingredients for a smooth gastronomic experience at the 3C Festival. The desserts are distinctive, beautifully crafted and are completely different from each other. For example, Cheesecake Brownie that will give you a sinful indulgence into chocolate rich brownies with Godiva chocolate fudge filling and Philadelphia cheese bake to add the glaze. Everyone knows about the Little Black Dress. Now meet the Little Black Dress Chocolate Cake that is as good to look at as it is good to taste. How about brownie and cheese cake together? Try the Cheese Cake brownie. There are other attractions on the menu too like…. Dulce de leche caramel cake, Intense trio of choco mousse, Decadent espresso coffee cheese cake and many more for our dessert lovers.

At the launch, actress Parno Mittra was thrilled by the amazing concoctions Chef Mondal created. “The idea of collaborating Cheese, Coffee and Chocolates is pretty cool, the cure to all kinds of problems. The 3C Festival is unique, the desserts look out of the world and I am left wanting for more. My personal pick would be the caramel cheese cake.

The city has a new destination for patisserie, so if you want to pair these lovely desserts with a nice cup of coffee, go for Thai Iced Coffee, Black Magic Coffee, Affogatoor Gingerbread Café and more.

Available from July 20 to August 20, the 3C Festival will come at a pocket pinch of INR 350 plus taxes for one person.