Kolkata, Jan 5, 2017, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, AAPI announces plans for hosting its 11th Global health Summit in Kolkata from Jan 2 to 4, 2018 and major initiatives for engaging with Healthcare professionals and Govt. of West Bengal in collaboration with Union Ministry for Health and Family Welfare and several leading professional associations to enhance skills, exchange of knowledge and best practices towards our lofty vision of addressing major disease states and making quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all people.

To support this endeavor AAPI will bring together the best minds in medicine from India and the United States to collaborate and develop cutting edge, practical and India centric solutions.Here are some of the key initiatives that will be undertaken:

  1. Road Safety: Increasing number of fatalities due to traffic accidents is a major cause of concern. AAPI in collaboration with several leading experts from India has developed the treatment and management guidelines for head injury and will be glad to work with the Government of West Bengal in evaluating and conducting a pilot to implement these guidelines that have proven to reduce mortality.
  1. CPR Training for Police: In addition, we can initiate the training of Traffic Police on CPR as they are generally the first at the site of accidents. CPR when administered correctly and on time has proven to stabilize victims until further help arrives.
  2. International Research Competition: AAPI in collaboration with the West Bengal University of Health Sciences will be conducting its sixth International Research Competition to encourage innovation amongst young post graduate students. Several hundred students are anticipated to participate and the top abstracts/poster presentations will be recognized and presented with certificate and cash awards.
  1. Skills Development Training: AAPI along with local experts will initiate collaboration with prominent Medical Institutions in the US to conduct joint training and skill development workshops for all healthcare professionals. Electrophysiology, Oncology, GI are some examples.
  2. GHS 2018 will bring the best and internationally renowned faculty to conduct plenary scientific sessions on key disease states: Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Cardiovascular Diseases, Maternal & Child Health, GI and Infectious Diseases. Audience response systems will be utilized to make these sessions highly interactive and educational.

    Entire proceedings will be broadcast live on the web.

At the press conference, Gautam Samadder, President Elect of AAPI USA introduced AAPI and its vision and their plans for the Global Summit in India to help the healthcare sector of the country. Dr. Santanu Sen, General Secretary of IMA, West Bengal, vocalized that healthcare is developing rapidly in West Bengal and the Government plans to open new medical colleges across the state. He advocated that the noble intentions of AAPI are the reason for IMA to associate with them. Dr. Kali Pradip Chaudhuri, Founder and Chairman of KPC Group, further emphasized how honored and proud KPC Medical College & Hospital is to have associated with AAPI. Other eminent speakers present at the conference namely, Dr. Naresh Parik, Dr. Arun Pramanik, Dr. Sashi Sha, Dr. Raj Bhiyani & Dr. Amit Bhattacharya unanimously voiced the noble cause of AAPI for developing healthcare in India and expressed their full support and co-operation to AAPI in their endeavor.