Press Release :

The biggest Fitness & Wellness Festival of Eastern India was heralded with a curtain raiser on Sunday, July 16 at The Park Hotel. Present at the event were the think tank of The FitExpo 2017 namely, Mr Gagan Sachdev, Chief Convener, Mr Abhay Mishra, Principal Advisor; Mr Praabal Kumar Basu, Convener Marketing and PR Head, Mr Saranjitt Singh, Event Manager along with Mr Prakash Shah of GS Marketing the Trade Show Organizers. The curtain raiser was followed by a sizzling Master Class of Aqua Zumba led by two Zumba icons, International Zumba Education Specialist from USA, Ms Maria Browning & Ms Sucheta Pal (India’s Lead ZES ) and hosted by Natalie Pote Shaw, Kolkata’s renowned Aqua Zumba Instructor at Aqua, The Park.

The second edition of The FitExpo is fuelled by Body Power, Asia's largest sport, fitness and nutrition trade show organisers who have the World’s top athletes visiting their shows including celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood, like Hulk Hogan, Salman Khan, John Abraham, etc.

Chief Convener Gagan Sachdev said, “My main motive behind The FitExpo 2017, is all about incorporating wellness and lifestyle into fitness and making people aware that fitness is not a fad anymore but a necessity. We would like to induce sports and fitness into everyone’s lifestyle, promote talent and recognize those who have contributed towards this industry.”

Praabal Kumar Basu, Convener Marketing and PR Head said, “At The FitExpo 2017 we want to celebrate good life, create a platform for our end users for all lifestyle requirements, be it in terms of healthy living, fitness or wellness. The objective is to create awareness by sharing information, curating customised events and promotional activities thereby enhancing the customer experience. The whole effort of The FitExpo is to reach out to a larger audience through this platform, develop healthy lifestyle and disseminate knowledge about fitness.”

Talking about the event, Maria Browning said, “I am honoured to be a part of The FitExpo. It’s a great platform which brings together so many people and institutions who are working towards building a healthier future.”

Echoing her thoughts, Sucheta Pal said, “Fitness and health are the biggest concerns and areas of interest in the world right now. people are becoming more conscious of their nutrition and bodies and are investing in a healthier lifestyle. The FitExpo is a great way to celebrate lifestyle and wellness. I wish everyone all the best.”

The FitExpo 2017 is going to be a gala Festival which would bring together thousands of fitness enthusiasts apart from a range of stakeholders like Fitness Trainers to Bodybuilders, Health Clubs to Martial Art Academies; Personal trainers; Group Fitness Instructors; Zumba & Salsa exponents; Weight Loss Specialists; Competitive Athletes; Physiotherapists and Sports Medicine experts; Spas & Slimming Centres; Beauty Therapists, Wellness & Lifestyle Products etc. 

The FitExpo 2017 is all set to bring a paradigm shift in the Fitness & Lifestyle ecosystem of Eastern India. The Expo would be a never before congregation of 10,000+ B2B entities including Dealers & Distributors, Investors & Entrepreneurs, Academies, Real Estate Developers, Luxury Hotels, Architects, Clubs & Institutions, Trainers & Consultants thus providing excellent business opportunities. The FITEXPO is back in 2017 – the difference is – it’s going to be bigger & better this year. It aims to do this simply by providing the biggest combined trade platform in East/ North-East India for Fitness, Wellness, Sports & Lifestyle industry. 

The Key Highlights of the event would be:

  • Trade show on Fitness, Sports, Wellness & Allied Products & Services
  • Live Fitness Shows
  • Wellness & Lifestyle Exhibition
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Various Competitions
  • Felicitating fitness and sports heroes

The FitExpo 2017 will be packed with workshops, seminars, live shows and various competitions on Fitness and Good health along with sports and Wellness thus addressing all Lifestyle needs of our customers.