Tollywood has outshined the art of filmmaking over the years, there was a time when the Bengali film industry produced some evergreen masterpieces, which made its way to the Oscar nominations. Bengali film industry is way smaller than Bollywood, Tamil or Telugu film industry but it grabbed world attention because of its parallel and art films helmed by ace directors of the Bengali film industry such as Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Ritwik Ghatak etc.

As it’s said, there’s boon and bane in everything. We all are aware of the legendary bou series aren’t we? However, if you are not aware about it then let me introduce you with the hilarious bou series - choto bou, boro bou, mejo bou and what not bou!

Today we’re going to talk about 7 hilarious Bengali movie titles which deserve a special mention. Take a glance at them before you decide to lash out at makers: 

  1.       Shami Kano Ashami
  2.       Biyer  Phool

3.      Apon Holo Por


5.     Haripada Horibol

6.  Boumar Bonobash

7.  Sithir Shidur


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