Nothing in this world can come closer to the ideologies, scientific concepts of desi TV serials. If you think German web series 'DARK' played with your mind with their high IQ sci-fi series.

Then you haven't watched the best Indian serials yet anything can happen, dead people can come back to life, wearing jewellery and makeup to bed is the key, your identity can be hidden if you apply makeup, the list is endless.

The new addition to the list of bizarre content that defy all the laws of physics and common sense has managed to the top the list. Bengali serial 'Krishnokoli', a romantic drama series aired on Zee Bangla TV, which has gone massively viral on social media after the last video aired on TV.

It was an intense hospital scene, where a doctor can be seen giving an electric shock through a defibrillator machine to the patient to stop the trembling muscles of the heart, to save the dying patient.

Everything was fine, until netizens noticed fancy equipment which was used to revive the dying man was two ScotchBrite bathroom scrubbers!

Yes, you did read it right. Now we have to believe this strange piece of equipment can save a life. Did you notice they did allow relatives to be in ICU while defibrillating? Scientific facts, what?

Have a glance at a few hilarious tweets:

You can hate it but can't ignore it, that's desi serials for us. Share your thoughts in the comment section.