Last year in September 2019, around 50,000 Indians came together to sign a petition demanding the release of Japanese anime film Weathering with You in the Indian theatres. This move made people release our country is finally ready for an anime movie.

Indian animator and filmmaker Rajorshi Basu is one of them and has now taken a step further to please the Indian audience. A Delhi based production house "Studio Durga" by Basu is ready to present India, its very own Anime inspired film "Karmachakra" which denotes "the cycle of karma".

Karmachakra will be originally voiced in Bengali language, it's also going to be available in Hindi. India's first anime movie is a mystery drama set in fictional present-day India based on an orphan girl in search of her roots and herself.

Over the years, Anime the Japenese film and television animation, for both adults and children have seen the evolving fanbase in India. Naruto, Pokemon, Dragon BallZ has become a household name in our country among others.

Anime fans are eagerly waiting for the release of 'Karmachakra' are you?