Kolkata boy Rajroop Saha is a civil engineering student from Heritage College Kolkata. Beyond his educational field he is a trained singer trying to take his passion to next level. Rajroop is getting his music training since he was 4 years of age. Talking about his musical journey, he said, "It becomes very difficult to maintain balance between the education field I've chosen and my passion for singing, I hardly get time to practice but somehow I take out time for it, I love singing and I don't want to give up". He further added, "I obviously want to see myself as a playback singer in future but at the same time, it is too difficult because of the competition and also you need good contact for that".

Rajroop's recent music video Aaj Jane Ki Zidd Na Karo (Watch it here) got viral on social media with over 100k views, he is now planning to come up with new videos for social media.

"Social media is an amazing platform to do branding for yourself, so many people have liked my first video, I am really thankful to everyone", he also added," My next video would be Chookar Mere Mann Ko, the recording of the song has been done and we are planning to release it before Durga Puja".

"I would really like to thank each and everyone who were a part of this journey and keep me in their blessings", Saha concluded.

We wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.