Movie - Michael (2018)
Director – Satrajit Sen
Producer – Tripod Entertainment and Greentouch Entertainment

Rating- 2.0/5.0


Mir Afsar Ali
Swastika Mukherjee
Soumitra Chatterjee
Tanushree Chakroborty
Arunima Ghosh
Kanchan Mullick
Sayani Datta
Soumyojit Majumdar

Stop talking about your film and make it,” says renowned actor Mayur Bahon to Michael Khan Sen. Satrajit Sen’s Bengali directorial debut “Michael” is the abstract definition of this dialogue, which has been used in this film itself.

While it is evident that the movie is a mirror of the director’s conscience, the onscreen Michael a.k.a Mir Afsar Ali is of the view that it is a comedy film without any underlying message.  From my point of view “Michael” is more than just a comedy film to me. It reluctantly reveals the ups and downs faced by a struggling film maker in order to live his dreams for once. More than persuasion of dreams this story unveils the daily tantrums that are faced by a middle class household, devastations of legendary actor, ties of friendship and many other such emotions have very closely knit the story line of this Film.

The star cast of Michael have done more than just justifying their character. It won’t be wrong if I call Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee’s character a little “onno rokom” or out of the box in comparison to what we have seen the actor playing till date. Swastika Mukherjee’s portrayal of a young, practical woman tired of her husband is absolutely impeccable.  This film also showcases the evolution of Mir as an actor now.

Although this film keeps many stones unturned and loosely knits the crucial strings of the story yet the attempt by the director to give an over view of life struggles to fetch one’s dreams having a comical flavour to it is quite satisfying. The music or dialogues are not really appealing to the audience.