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Gobble Up This Gigantic Phucka Which Was Introduced To The People Of Kolkata In 1977

If you think the massively sized phuchka is a recent innovation, I have news it was created back in 1977 sold at 25 paise for 3 pcs. A ...

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Noodle Oodle Presents The Buffet Bus : To Satisfy All Your Hunger Pangs

Who doesn’t love a good meal? Also, there’s no denying we are always in search of good buffets because deep down inside we love buffets because it gives ...

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ICanFlyy : Country's First Cafe Run By Young Special Need Adults

A colourful, cosy, quirky, cheerful café with a cause in the city of joy. Café IcanFlyy is India's first café run by 7 young adults with special needs. The ...

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