In 2025, Ed Sheeran will go on a musical tour of India, visiting several major cities, including Kolkata. A few days ago, the well-known artist travelled to India as part of his "+ – = ÷ x" (Mathematics) Asia tour. After arriving in India, Ed went to a school and spent time with students. He also met a few Bollywood celebs; his pose with SRK went viral on the internet.

His concert was on March 16 at the Mahalaxmi Race Course grounds in South Mumbai. He performed a two-and-a half-hour show that included 30 songs. During the show, Diljit Dosanjh joined him, and for the first time ever, we witnessed Ed singing in Punjabi. He sang Diljit's popular track, Lover.

Derek O’Brien is an Indian politician, television personality, and quiz master. He was in Mumbai for Sheeran's concert on March 16 at the Mahalaxmi Race Course grounds. He posted on Instagram about the great news regarding Kolkata.

Kolkata has always been a hotspot for cultural activities, and music has been an integral part of almost every Bengali's life. It will be an experience of a lifetime to attend Ed Sheeran's show in our hometown, Kolkata.