Since a young age, each one of us has been told at least once in our lifetime. “Umm, you should’ve been a bit taller, you need to lose some weight, you look too skinny put on some weight”. The basic criticism, insecurity and demotivation none of us needed but yet we were showered with these taunts. 

Well, no matter how much you deny it didn’t affect you. Let’s be honest, even for a fraction of seconds, it has affected us. 

Recently, a guy went viral on social media for an operation which many of us weren’t aware of its existence. 

At times, we do think ‘jodi ektu lomba hotam’. Well, Alfonso Flores of Dallas, Texas is a person who fulfilled his dream to touch the 6 ft mark at the age of 28. You must be wondering how the man found an alternate way of increasing his height at this age?

Flores underwent a limb-lengthening surgery to grow from 5 ft 11-inches to 6ft 1-inch. The 28-year-old, said, 5'11' is a great height but he wanted to be 6-feet tall since a young age like his role model Michale Jordan.

"This is something that I've really wanted to do as far as I can remember - since I was 12. I decided to go for 6'1 because I started off at a great height and wanted to retain as much of my athletic ability and range of motion as possible. I seem to have retained all of it because I am able to squat the same as before," said Flores.

It has been seven months since his limb lengthening operation and now he has adjusted well to his new height.

Flores further said his family and friends were sceptical about the surgery. Some even said he shouldn't go ahead with the procedure. Flores invested 55 lakh for the operation.  

What is cosmetic limb-lengthening surgery?

According to Dr Kevin Debiparshad of The LimbplastX Institute, it is an elective procedure where the leg bones are cut to insert a device that slowly stretches them out to extend a person's height.

Flores said, "It's an X-ray based surgery where I make four to six small incisions into the leg, allowing access to the hollow part of the bone, where I insert a device that responds to an external remote control that the patient controls at home.” 

However, Flores's family wasn’t supportive at first but later after Flores convinced their support can make it happen. They agreed to him getting the operation done.