Posters play a crucial role in movies. It gives us a little idea about the film and that's the very first thing which attracts the eyeballs of the audience. Posters are carefully designed so that they can create a hype about the movie. Well, several Bollywood movie posters created quite a big controversy. 

However, we have listed for you  5 Bollywood Film Posters which created tremendous controversies:

  1. PK

In the poster of PK Aamir Khan was naked and A radio was covering his crotch. The poster created a huge dispute and was miserably trolled in social media. PK is one of the biggest blockbusters of Aamir Khan's career.

     2. Guzaarish

The poster of Sanjay Leela Bhansali film Guzaarish created a lot of controversies as it showed Aishwarya Rai Bachchan holding a cigarette in her hands which conveyed an unhealthy message to the youth regarding smoking. The doctors and the medical community created an issue over it and they were seen protesting against the movie.

  1. Jism 2


Sunny Leone made her debut in Bollywood with Jism 2. The poster showed a naked female posing seductively covered with a thin white sheet. The poster was considered obscene and received a lot of criticism. The audience lashed out at the makers for copying the poster.

  1. Ittefaq

In the poster of Ittefaq, Akshaye Khanna was seen smoking a cigarette and that created a lot of controversy for the makers as well as the actor. The Delhi Health Department released a strict compliance notice against the film producers Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, and Karan Johar for promoting smoking. Later the poster was changed.


  1. The Dirty Picture 

Actress Vidya Balan's performance was praised for her outstanding acting as she portrayed the character of Silk in The Dirty Picture. Every good thing has a reaction to it always isn’t it.  The poster of the film created massive controversy. A city court of Andhra Pradesh instructed police officers to book Vidya Balan for giving indecent poses in the posters and also during the promotional affairs.

Controversies are everywhere. But let us know were you aware of it?