Indian’s love to drink and it can be anything hard drink, soft drink, chai or a cup of brewing coffee, isn’t it? Just that it varies from person to person who wants to chill at home while sipping some beer or old monk.

Recently, renowned journalist Abhijit Majumder asked his followers what is their go-to drink on a daily basis. Well, the comment section proved how much Indians love Old Monk over everything in this big world. Also, as per the reports of Business Standards, Old Monk is the most popular liquor brand among the rich Indians.

The fellow Twitterati questioned Desi netizens, What’s your base drink? One you buy often, keep, usually have at home. PS: Don’t say stuff just to sound posh.

Desi Twitter filled the comment section with memes and jokes on India’s favorite rum Old Monk :


However, you always have exceptions right. Read some of the other base choices made by netizens:



Let us know about your base drink?

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