Surinder Films posted the motion poster of Nayan Rahasya on Instagram, quoting, "Feluda is coming back! Presenting the official motion poster for #NayanRahasya. A film by Sandip Ray, releasing on May 10th at your nearest theatres".

Last year, Hatyapuri succeeded in the theatres, and Sandip Ray is again back this year with another Feluda adventure. Nayan Rahasya is the story of legendary Satyajit Ray and is now being made by Sandip Ray, but unlike every year, this time the movie is releasing in the summer rather than the winter. 

The main character of Nayan Rahasya is Nayan, a young child with exceptional mathematical ability. His ability to respond to questions about numbers makes him a major attraction at a circus. Since Nayan's gift draws the attention of criminals, Feluda must intervene to keep Nayan safe from those attempting to abduct him.

The production company behind Nayan Rahasya, Surinder Films, unveiled the suspense thriller's motion poster and said that it will debut in theatres on May 10.

For the second time, Indraneil Sengupta will fill the legendary detective Feluda's shoes. Abhijit Guha will play Jatayu again in Nayan Rahasya, while Ayush Das will portray Feluda's cousin Topshe.