Anjan Dutt's film Chaalchitra Ekhon, a tribute to his iconic Mrinal Sen, will debut digitally on Hoichoi on May 10 in addition to a restricted theatrical run.

On Monday, the Bengali streaming site made the announcement along with releasing the movie's poster. Chaalchitra Ekhon is scheduled to arrive soon in honour of Mrinal Sen's centenary. On May 10, a few theatres and #hoichoi will open for business with the debut of the @anjandutt film. Hoichoi wrote on X, "Celebrating one hundred years of #MrinalSen."

Chaalchitra Ekhon recounts the origin story of Chaalchitra (1981), the masterwork of Mrinal Sen. A number of honours have been awarded upon it, including the Best Actor Award for Anjan Dutt at the Dhaka International Film Festival 2024 and the Special Jury Award for Innovation in Moving Images at the Kolkata International Film Festival 2023.

Anjan Dutt plays the role of Kunal Sen in Chaalchitra Ekhon, a character depicted after his mentor Mrinal Sen. Sawon Chakraborty, making his film debut, portrays his protégé Ranjan Dutt, while Bidipta Chakraborty plays the spouse of the filmmaker.

"Mrinal Sen had an incalculable influence on Indian cinema; he changed storylines, questioned norms, and influenced a number of generations of filmmakers. He didn't only make pictures. Anjan Dutt stated, "Chaalchitra Ekhon not only honours Sen's cinematic genius but also aims to spark a new wave of appreciation for his enduring legacy."

The dynamic interaction between mentor and disciple, as exemplified by Kunal and Ranjan, is at the heart of the movie. As they work together on a large-scale film project, they face social pressures and psychological demons before finding comfort in Kolkata's diverse cultural heritage.