At the age of 82, Anjali Chatterjee, the mother of Shaswat Chatterjee and the wife of actor Subvendu Chatterjee, passed away. Because of her old age, she was dealing with a number of health issues in recent years.


According to sources, Mrs. Chatterjee was admitted to a private hospital in South Kolkata on March 9. She stopped fighting yesterday, Wednesday night. Saswata Chatterjee has put several upcoming projects on hold for the time being.




Anjalidevi lived with her younger son Subhodeep. After being ill for a long month, she was admitted to the hospital last Saturday. There were also some aging problems she was suffering from. Anjalidevi last suffered a leg injury during a fall. This injury worsened. The damage caused an infection in her body, according to the doctors. The physical state began to worsen after being admitted to the hospital. After that she passed to the land of no return.



On July 5, 2007, Subvendu Chattopadhyay, the husband of Anjali Chatterjee, one of the bravest and most skilled actors in Tollywood, left a permanent void in the arena of Bengali cinema. Today his wife also went to the land of eternal sleep like him.


Her two sons, Shaswat Chatterjee and Subhdeep Chatterjee, daughters-in-law, Mahua Chatterjee and Sharmishta Chatterjee, and grandchildren are deeply saddened by the death of Anjalidevi.