Cinema is the most influential media of communication that spreads the word like no other media. It is intriguing, engaging and most of all is a mirror to society’s present situation. Serious filmmakers take this opportunity and work to bring the best out through their films. Reflecting to society’s economic situation, Suvendu Ghosh took a plunge to depict the socio-political climate of India in his upcoming film, Shunyota.

Shunyota is a child of parallel cinema which revolves around the undiscovered impact of demonetisation on the common public. The film demands mass appeal because of the relatable stories penned down by the eminent writer Anirban Roychowdhury. The first story talks about the stereotypes of an Indian marriage and how demonetisation affects the same. The second one is about a medical emergency of a two and a half year-old kid and the panic caused by demonetisation. The final one is a tale of a hoarder who saves money all life and demonetisation drives his crazy.

The plot of the film is very thought-provoking and absorbing in strange ways. Though the film is a work of fiction, the story screams reality. Pigmentation of agony and the undercurrent of relations are presented in a tragically beautiful manner.

Producer of the film, Mr. Uday Singh shared some anecdotes as to why the film is called Shunyota. He added, “The film wants to convey those emotions which went undiscovered during the rush of demonetisation. The film is definitely not anti-government; it just wants to give the audience, a chance to connect with the difficulties faced by them. The film also wants to share that one can have all the wealth in the world and still cannot find happiness. That particular feeling is Shunyota.”

Shades of emptiness done right, will the film convey the desired message?

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