Klikk launched the trailer of ROOPKATHAR RADIO with the cast and entire team of producers at the new KLIKK studio. The director Sayan Dasgupta and the cast  spoke about their experience of shooting the entire web series. They  also shared various memorable and fun anecdotes of the shooting. The music team of the series led by music director Biswajit Das, sang some wonderful songs and melodies of Roopkathar Radio. The cast joined in to sing and enthralled the audience, rendering songs ranging from Rabindrasangeet to popular folk songs.


Roopkathar Radio is a musical romantic extravaganza which tells the story of the Chowdhury family of North Kolkata. An ancestral mansion where the Chowdhury family resides with their dreams and griefs. Durga Puja is around the corner. A local promoter cum muscle man Bhabotosh is trying to snatch the house from Chowdhury’s as he wants to build a highrise in that plot.


On the day of Mahalaya, a couple Rudra and Shibani, appear as tenants in the Chowdhury Mansion. Emotions and equations start changing immediately. At last the evil plans of Bhabotosh gets defeated by the family members, with the help of Rudro and Shibani. Oli, the grand daughter of the Chowdhury’s realises her true love.
Roopkathar Radio is a bouquet of emotions painted in the canvas of life. Good triumphs over evil, in a fairytale-like narrative.

Roop Kathar Radio is a web series which has a vibrant star cast. The leads are being played by Biswanath Basu, Lama Halder and Sujata Daw.

We are hoping to see some good content in the OTT industry, hope KliKK brings joy to the city.