Nadia Khan is a Pakistani television actress, presenter, and producer. She claimed that Bollywood celebrities like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and others are insure of Pakistani celebrities, and that is the reason why they are banned in India.

A post went viral on X (formerly Twitter) where she claimed that Bollywood celebrities like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and others were insured by Pakistani celebrities like Fawad Khan and more. The clip was from an episode of Kya Drama Hai Uncut Version. Fans from both countries are commenting on the post, and some Indians are also supporting her comments.

She was speaking in Urdu; she said that Fawad Khan and others, after working in India, became so popular that they made other Indian actors jealous. Bollywood tried to create a political rift between two countries, and after the URI attack, they made sure that all the Pakistani actors were banned in India. She added that not only the Indian politicians had problems with Pakistani actors, but also the Bollywood celebs were scared of them. 

She also added that there was not only jealousy but also the fear of not getting films worked on in Bollywood. Indians loved Pakistani actors more than Indian actors. Their fear made them ban Pakistani actors. 

Fans are polarised on the post; some are supporting her statement, and others are making fun of it. Fans commented, "She is high,"  "delulu ki bhi seema hoti hai,"  "Khans are shaking," and more.

While supporting her statement, some also commented, "Dude, I am Indian and I love my country, but whatever she is saying is true, the insecurity amongst the top actors is the result; they banned them, and 20 saal tak to ye lobby chalti rahegi most of our young Indian actors have faced the same problem. You guys know their names, love."

Fans are polarised on this post, and the post is getting viral all over both countries. Let us know what your take is on this.