Shah Rukh Khan could take on another role as a don. But not as Don 3, the lead role of Farhan Akhtar. According to a Pinkvilla report, the actor is set to portray a don in his upcoming film, King, which is helmed by Sujoy Ghosh and features his daughter Suhana Khan in her feature debut.

"Shah Rukh Khan is making films for the audience and is well aware of their urge to see him in shades of grey," the article quotes a source as saying. King is his passion project, and he and Sujoy Ghosh have been painstakingly working on every detail of it. For SRK in King, they have all worked together to create out a really stylish, swagger-filled, and attitude-filled persona with shades of grey.

"Siddharth Anand is now working on the action blocks with international stunt companies, even though the character designing is already finished. While SRK is supervising the creative process and working with Suhana on certain cutting-edge action scenes, Sujoy is working on the dialogue draft, the insider continued.

The lead role of Don in Farhan Akhtar's criminal thriller series is his most well-known portrayal of a grey or negative character. He will not, however, play the same role in Don 3. The title role will now be portrayed by Ranveer Singh opposite Kiara Advani.