Five different people, five different professions, five different age groups, but one common passion is what has brought them together. The love for art is the string that binds them together – Soma Dutta Khare- a professional astrologer, Tapas Chowdhury- an IT professional, Sharmistha Ghosh Dastidar- a home maker, Dipannita Bhattacherya- a corporate professional and Nabanita Halder - a Computer Science student, under the mentorship of Artist Subhabrata Nandi at ‘Art Wave’, have organised a painting exhibition called, ‘Untitled’, from the 6th of November to 10th of November at the Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Ballygunge.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on the 6th of November by the internationally celebrated artist Wasim Kapoor at Chitrakoot Art Gallery, 55, Gariahat Road, Presidency Court above Axis Bank, phanri, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019 at 6pm. Eminent artist and former Art Director of The Statesman, Mr. Debabrata Chakrabarty, is the Chief guest. From 7th to 10th of November, the exhibition will be open from 3pm to 8pm.

Painting breathes in life into their daily mundane and hectic schedule. Colours are therapeutic. Painting is a stress reliever and enables them to sail through every challenge of life. Most busy people today are stressed with expectations from their work place, family and relationships. They enter the vicious cycle of depression. Art Wave believes, painting or perusing any form of art that interests one, is a means to draw inspiration and remain happy always. Through painting one creates new things for which one needs to focus on his or her thoughts which develops self-awareness and calms the nerves and increases mental concentration. This is a healing tool to attain emotional wellbeing. Art Wave believes that the more people become associated with art, there is more openness and love spread around.