Bengali’s have an untold connection with food which is both incomprehensible & undeniable. People residing outside Bengal have a notion that Bengalis are only about macch and mishti but there's so much more to it. We have always been told that there should be 3 meals a day, but what about the evening snacks? The hunger that rises more from the heart than the stomach?

It has to be tasty and finger-licking good to keep us going. Every Bengali loves Bikel’r Jol Khabar and adda with their loved ones over a cup of tea and muri (rice puffs), chanachur. People across the country love chai pe charcha, every house in Bengal loves Chanachur pe charcha!

Bengali’s are obsessed with chanachur it needs to have that perfect spicy, tangy, crispy taste to please our taste buds. Not every brand can make our taste buds drool like Mukharochak. Every Bengali swears by it for its taste.



70 years is not a small time frame, is it? That’s how long Eastern India’s renowned chanachur and mixture company Mukharochak has been using their expertise in producing healthy, tasty, hygienically processed, good quality food products without the presence of artificial colors or preservatives.

Recently, Mukharochak celebrated 70 glorious years with a grand celebration at the Science City auditorium with the presence of legendary Tollywood stars and ministers.

Every Bengali’s favorite detective Feluda our beloved Soumitra Chatterjee, phenomenal dancer Tanusree Shankar, Hon'ble mayor Firhad Hakim, director Shibuprasad Mukherjee along with Ateen Ghosh, Pratik Chandra and Anilava Chatterjee graced the event. Almighty's Grace was spread on Mukharochak by lighting the lamps and small cake cutting ceremony took place to spread the joy!

Remember to eat healthy and stay healthy!