People love to experiment, we ace it and at times we try and kill the essence of the food by giving it different variations. Over the years, we’ve discovered people are eating chocolate maggi, biryani with ketchup, egg dipped in chai, fish curry and rice with mayonnaise. 

But, the recent addition to the list is every millennial's favourite snack or meal ‘Maggi’. 

I fail to understand why do have to do this even, don’t torture yourself rather don’t torture any of us!  Giving a tough competition to all the bizarre Maggi recipes. A cafe in Delhi has come up with an innovative idea of Beer Maggi. Can you imagine??

If you’ve noticed there’s no beer in this maggi. It’s just foam and the broth of masala maggi. 

Netizens are slamming the restaurant for making the MAGGI look non-edible. 

Check out the tweets: 








This is pukish and looks bad in every aspect!!