Travelling is all fun until we have to worry about our luggage! Our most convenient mode of transportation ‘air travel’ restricts us from carrying heavy baggage. 

But, if you wish to carry a little extra by exceeding the set limit, then you are ought to pay an extra baggage fine. Which is sure to a huge amount creating a hole in your travelling budget. 

Recently, a group of Chinese travellers found themselves in a hefty situation. Like any one of us, we wanted to skip paying the baggage fee, which led to a ‘tangy’ jugaad.  

The group of four people were on a business trip to Kunming and they’ve bought oranges weighing 30 kilograms for 50 yuan (Rs 564). When these four people reached the airport, they were informed that they have to pay 300 yuan (Rs 3,384) as an extra baggage fee if they want to take the fruits along with them.

As elders, tell us wasting food is never the wise option. Those four people ended up eating 30 kgs of oranges at the Kunming Airport in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province. 

Why waste when you can eat it up! 

As per reports, Wang was quoted saying, “we stood there and ate all the oranges in 20-30 minutes.” But, too much of anything is bad. No matter they had every single orange then, but they started to suffer from mouth ulcers. 

Wang further said 'we don't want to eat oranges ever again.' 

Share with us, what would you’ve done if you were in such a situation?