The world is fighting with the pandemic deadly Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19. The World Health Organization declared Novel Coronavirus pandemic as a global health emergency. Scientists and doctors around the globe are in the race to develop a treatment as it has already taken the lives of approximately 1776 people and has infected more than 18,000 people across the globe. 

Since the emergency of Novel Coronavirus came into the news, people are flooding social media with memes, dark humour and precautions to fight the rapidly spreading virus. Well, the Bhojpuri film industry is not ready to be left behind, they have decided to chase the Coronavirus trend and has released 5 bizarre insensitive songs on the subject. It's hard to even think about Bhojpuri songs which don't include sexist lyrics and this time the deadly disease wasn't even spared. 

Check out the hilarious songs available on Youtube: 






These songs are filled with racist comments, rumours how the disease spreads, dissed Chinese eating habits, it has racist comments and unscientific cures. Netizens slammed the songwriters for spreading wrong information about the disease.