Ghalibnama’, a beautiful rendition of Mirza Ghalib’s legendary creations in Bengali by Srijato and Shubhamita was launched by Asha Audio on 15th of February to recall the death anniversary of the legend. Joy Goswami, percussionist and Tabla player, Pt. Tanmoy Bose and Srikanta Acharya graced the launch which was hosted at Oudh 1590. The theme of this album is very similar to the concept of Oudh 1590 and it was the perfect place to unveil the same.

The compilation is Srijato’s first invasion into music composition. Pratyush Banerjee’s bewitching music arrangement gave the album a perfect feel. Some of the popular ghazals which have been translated are Yeh Na This Humari, Wehsat Hi Sahi and Hare K Baat Pe. The songs of the album include Aar Ki Kothao, Beporoa, Choker Kone, Bolte Paro, Kothaye Kothaye Shonao and Pathor To Noy E Mon Amaar.

Ms.Mahua Lahiri, the director of Asha Audio said, “According to me this is a very exclusive and special album as Mirza Ghalib has not been transcripted before. Srijato has done a wonderful job and Shubhamita has done proper justice with her soulful rendition and above all beautiful music arrangement by Pratyush needs a special mention.”

The CD has been priced at 150 rupees and is made available across all leading retail outlets and other online forums.