Kolkata boy Rajroop Saha, is a civil engineering student at the Heritage College Kolkata as well as a passionate singer. He is trying to take his passion to next level, getting his music training since he was 4years old. He tries to innovate everytime he uploads a new cover of any popular Bollywood song. The singer intends to write and compose his own songs someday and hopes his followers will support the venture when the time comes.

The challenges are not limited to meeting the audience’s expectations, he braced himself for the roller coaster journey.

His recent cover, ‘Yaadein’, which was a tribute to his Dad crossed 150K views in just three days. This song is a dedication to his father whom he wants to keep alive through his music.

His cover, ‘Aaj Jane Ki Zidd Na Karo’ and ‘Chookar Mere Mann Ko’ got viral on social media with over 100k views, he is now planning to come up with new videos for social media.

Covers are more difficult than releasing originals because when you take up a song of legendary singers like Mohd Rafi or Kishore Kumar, you have to meet the expectations of their fans, else they will tear you apart. You cannot fool around. You have to be perfect in your rendition and Rajroop masters this art. He has won the heart of his audience by his powerful cover songs.

You can hear his work on his Music Channel on YouTube (Watch Here). The soft spoken singer wants to let his songs do the talking.