Recently, renowned faces from the Tollywood industry were roped in the Bengal unit of the BJP which created noticeable inroads. Bengali actor Yash Dasgupta, Hiran, Mallika Banerjee Ghosh among other Tollywood artists joined Bharatiya Janta Party on 17th February at a press conference in the presence of Kailash Vijayvargiya and Mukul Roy attended the press conference. 

Our team got the opportunity to speak with Bengali actress Mallika Banerjee Ghosh who recently joined the saffron family. The actress said, “I never thought I’ll join any political party. But, the change in times and certain situations made me realize one particular thing. If you have the power you can be the change.”

She further added, a certain section of people are worried about my role in the political world as I am an actress. Well, we want to address them, we want to bring changes in our industry. There was a time when people would get job-based on their merits but currently, artists get jobs on the basis of their political preferences.

This should not be the case, isn’t it right? Everyone should get jobs on their merits and I am determined to change the face of our industry.

I hope people won’t misquote me that I am degrading the ruling party or our Chief Minister. There are people who’re misusing the power and has introduced lobbying like never before, she further added.  

You know artists are supposed to independent you cannot put them into a political propaganda cage. After witnessing all these, I had to take a stand for my fellow artists so that they get what they deserve!

I believe our leaders will make the right decisions to help us be independent regardless of our uncertain career. Certain Changes are good and if people are getting scared by it. Then it’s definitely happening for the good.  

She ended the interview by quoting a part of Gita,” Whatever happens always happens for good.”