If you think the massively sized phuchka is a recent innovation, I have news it was created back in 1977 sold at 25 paise for 3 pcs. A local hidden gem selling the favorite snack of India on the streets of Kalikapur.

Sadhu's Phuchka is how Rajkumar Halder and his shop is acknowledged as by the customers. Rajkumar and his phuchka both are extraordinary thinking why?

Well, he works in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation as a driver and sells phuchka in the evening and he is also a professional folk singer performed at several places around the country and even did several shows for Doordarshan. 

Back in 1977 when he started selling phuchka, another phuchka seller threatened him for opening the shop in the same area and he was told to sell it at higher prices or vacate, that’s what made him invent the massive version of phuchka and started selling it at 25paise for 3 pcs and now per piece costs Rs. 4 and Rs. 8.

The phuchka's sold here are triple the size of phuchkas or golgappas. The potato stuffing has a contrasting taste cause of one unique ingredient which will let you binge a lot of phuchka without even thinking about gastric and make you drool over every bite of it. You'll be served here alu dum phuchka, alu phuchka, alu kotkot, and churmur.

Mr Rajkumar has a miraculous sense of humor, so be sure you'll be having a spontaneous laughter while gorging. If you want to indulge in some tasty Sadhu’r Phuchka reach there by 8.30pm before the phuchka goes out of stock. Weekends mean holidays for him too.


Address – Kalikapur Ball Khelar math, beside Kalikapur to Jadavpur 8b/station auto stand.

                 Kolkata - 700078

Pocket Pinch – 30 INR

Timings – 6.30 to 9 from Monday – Saturday