Social media never fails to amaze us. It can be a dark place at times, no doubt in that. In the past few years, social media is a perfect food destination for foodies. Be it exploring 'Pheti Hui Coffee' as Dalgona or making your taste buds bleed with a picture of someone dipping 'egg in Chai', or a person relishing Biryani with ketchup, or Pani-Puri pizza. 

The list of weird food combinations is never-ending. And, it hits you so hard that it takes more time to heal. At times, it seems maybe it's a trend and people are following it to get viral. Some of us may not forgive them ever for 

Recently, a guy posted a picture of our favourite go-to food Maggie. Even I thought it's just maggie so what's the harm in? Well, you will see a huge bar of chocolate boiling alongside the maggie. Question yourself, can you go back to your craze for maggie. 

Have a look at 'Chocolate Maggi':

Netizens claims 'Guna Hai eh Guna': 



Stop experimenting with bizarre food combinations. Stop already!