Kolkata, December 2018: Why should Christmas be only about Roast Turkey, Yule Logs and Christmas Pudding? This festive month, surprise your loved ones with a smorgasbord of Asian delicacies in the specially curated seasonal menu at The Fatty Bao !  Raise a glass of holiday cheer and gear up to celebrate Christmas at The Fatty Bao, Kolkata from December 21st to January 1st, 2019 with a Christmas menu that offers a variety of Asian flavours and culinary styles. Our bartenders are serving the season’s freshest produce muddled in deep glasses of red, white and rose wine bringing you a selection of the finest Sangrias ever! With its melting pot of diverse Asian cuisines, The Fatty Bao presents an exciting festive menu, signature cocktails, a unbeatable ambience and a stunning view of  Kolkata’s skyline while you dine.

Kick off Christmas with a selection of seasonal favourites with the quintessential Asian touch. Get started with Sushi Christmas Treeon The Plateavailable in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The vegetarian version comprises sushi including Asparagus Tempura, Spinach and Spicy Cherry Compote, Avocado and Green Apple, spicy Mushroom Gunkan, Shitake Nigiri and the non-vegetarian plate includes California Roll, Prawn Tempura Roll, Ham and Cheese Roll, Salmon Nigiri, Kani Gunkan) options. Order a portion of Sweet Potato and Shitake Satay made with spicy home-made sauce with a hint of peanut butter or try the Crumb Fried Stuffed Chicken with Goat Cheese served with a curry sauce, tempura onion rings and coriander. Warm your soul with our favourite -Winter Vegetables Clay Pot served with cumin, butter and a side of ginger tossed jasmine rice or try the Whole Baby Roast Chicken with chili and basil infused sour cherry relish with buttery sake chili sauce. End your meal with the delicious Rum and Nuts Cake a delicious festive dessert withrum and caramel glaze, caramel banana, microgreens, charcoal crumble, cherry compote and vanilla ice-cream.

There is no better way to unwind, than to just sit back and relax with a glass of refreshing Sangria with friends and family. Choose from Tipsy Rudolfwith fresh orange and red rose hibiscus tea syrup and red wine for a glass of heartwarming sangria or the Spirited Elf with ubeay syrup, fresh pineapple and red wine to lift your spirits. If you prefer white wine- we have Sparkling Jasmine made with jasmine tea, sparkling wine, fresh oranges, luscious sweet lime and tangy lemons to add that sparkle to the season. Order the Fatty Plum with sparkling wine, fermented plum syrup and fresh plums to get you into the mood for some Christmas cheer or the Bubbly Mistletoe with sparkling wine, dill leaves and fresh strawberries! If you prefer an Asian touch- get yourself a glass of Wasabi in My Drink comprising red wine, wasabi syrup and fresh guavas to turn up the heat.

Say goodbye to dull grey days and boring winters and come spread the cheer at your favourite Asian Izakaya and NoodleShop.

Opening Hours: All Days of the Week: 12:00 noon to 11:30 pm

Wallet Factor:  Meal for two without alcohol, excluding taxes Rs.1500 ++/Meal for two including alcohol, excluding taxes Rs. 1900++