Celebrate International Margarita Day with a 10 day long celebrations of chilled Margaritas at JW Lounge from 22nd February to 3rd March 2019. The experts behind the bar at JW Lounge have concocted some enticing flavors of Margarita inspired cocktails to celebrate International Margarita Day. 
On offer is an array of flavors to choose from. Quench the early summer thirst by sipping on the ever refreshing ‘Margarita Picante’, a mango blended margarita or ‘Pickled Kick cocktail’ with refreshing cucumber syrup and lime juice.  Sip on ‘Deep Sea’, an orange and blue Curacao based cocktail or try their extraordinary ‘Red Heat’, an orange based drink for someone who would like to try something like a hipster.

The highlight of this celebration is the ‘Margarita for Senorita’, because this margarita definitely needs a senorita! 

To add a buzz to your drinks, there are cocktail options ranging from the twist in the basics like ‘Kala Khatta’, ‘Yellow Taxi’ and lots more.
The summer is here, so are our Margaritas, because in the end there's nothing like an icy margarita to make your day happier and merrier. So celebrate this International Margarita Day, and drop into JW lounge for some exotic drinks.









22nd February – 3rd March 2019



JW Lounge



Sip and Shake

Margarita with a Twist – one for INR 499/-



Special cocktail Menu

Others - INR 399 /- 
Any three for INR 999/-