There’s a saying “God isolates you so you can get yourself together”. The current scenario of the global health emergency is a helpless situation. The world is fighting with the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. The contagious disease is spreading rapidly and has affected more than 2 Lakh people globally.

Health experts and the government have recommended people to stay at home. Even to those who are infected with the virus to help stop COVID-19 from spreading during this global pandemic. Avoid stepping out unless it’s an emergency!

In our daily life, the most basic things we do daily is to interact with people, connecting with anyone under the blue sky, going out for work or just to chill. We stay at home for barely some hours to get good sleep. 

And, now that we under Coronavirus lockdown maintaining ‘No Human Contact’. It’s pretty hard, staying at home for 24*7 getting bored to the core if you are blessed with no work from home. You can’t just Netflix & chill all day long, can you? 

People across the globe are coming up with creative ways to cope up with the Coronavirus pandemic. If you’re looking out for one, maybe we can help you with this. As we’re all in this together be it self-isolation, wfh or social distancing. Try these 15 things to kill boredom during Coronavirus lockdown:

  1. Adapt the habit of reading a book or e-book. 
  2. Remember our long lost habit of maintaining a dairy? Start writing your quarantine diary today. 
  3. During our daily life, we nag about not getting proper sleep and even acknowledge we can sleep for long hours. This is your time to get some sleep. 
  4. Learn something unusual.
  5. Discover the weird and wonderful world of absurd things on YouTube.  
  6. Challenge yourself to cook something new every day. 
  7. Pamper yourself - allow your skin and hair to rejuvenate with the home remedies.
  8. Go down the memory lane! Face your family photo album. 
  9. Meditate for at least 20 minutes.
  10. Stalk your favourite artists online, you never know they might be live streaming your favourite album.
  11. Take virtual tours of your dream destination. 
  12. It’s the perfect time for DIY!
  13. Choose at least five people from whom you haven’t heard in a long time. Text them and ask about their well-being. 
  14. Acknowledge that something which bothered you for the longest time. 
  15.  Take some online courses.

Most importantly, enjoy your family time. Name something more beautiful than coming together as a family.